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Biotage Isolera One


Used for separation and purification of crude compounds obtained via organic synthesis.
It usually takes only 15 min, which is much faster that manual Flash Chromatography.
This equipment can save our time on purification and make more time for research.

Gas Chromatography (GC)*


This instrument is used to separate and quantify the products obtained in organic synthesis. It is also used for monitoring reactions.

Miele Laboratory Washer


Automatically cleaning the glasswares used in experiments. It's faster, more accurate and safer than washing them by hand! Save time and make your research more efficient. In our laboratory, the last person to leave each day presses the switch on the automatic washer. Next morning, cleaned glasswares waiting for your next experiment!

ultrapure water system


Tap water contains so many impurities that it effects the experiments. This device produces ultra-pure water for laboratory use. We also use it to rinse our glasswares with ultrapure water after washing them in a Miele Laboratory Washer.

Cryostat *


This is a low temperature constant chamber with settings from 0°C to -80°C.
This equipment is used to carry out chemical reactions at very low temperatures.

Schlenk Line *


Some organic chemical reactions are sensitive to water and oxygen in the air. Vacuum lines are used to set up organic reactions in strictly anhydrous conditions.



Purify and quantify the synthesized compounds.

Evaporator *


Evaporate the organic solvents.

Schlenk Flask


Used for the water/air sensitive experiment. Also used for storing the sensitive compounds.

Gastight Syringe


Gastight syringe is airtight and can be used to measure liquids as well as gases.

Refrigerator *


Used for keep reagents and the compounds obtained from the experiments. These refrigerators have the glass door, so that easy to see the insede.

Freezer *


Used for keep reagents and the compounds obtained from the experiments. Keep this inside at -30°C.

Ultrasonic Cleaner *


Used for remove stuck-on dirt from glassware.
Also used to dissolve solids compounds in organic solvents.

PC Cluster


PC cluster for DFT and MD calculations. We have 300 cores.

Cleaning Robot


This Cleaning Robot automatically cleans our laboratory on a regular basis, which saves our time on cleaning and makes time for research.

※These equipments were donated by the Prof Uchiyama's group (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo).
We would like to express our deepest gratitude.

Yamanashi Univ. SATO LAB